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Ensuring Quality in Per Diem Nurses

Staffing plays a large part in patient outcomes, and it’s essential to understand that the quality of the staff is critical to patient safety. When putting patient safety first, we must acknowledge the critical nature of providing quality healthcare providers.

After being a Healthcare Recruiter and Credentialing Specialist at Mckenzie Willamette for 7 years, now working for FleetNurse, I’ve seen first hand what it takes to credential for quality.

Checklist for Quality:

  • Follow high standards set by The Joint Commission (or another high accreditation branch)
  • Take references seriously
  • Background checks
  • Skills Assessments and Clinical Competencies
  • Incremental performance reviews

What Exactly is FleetNurse?

I like to explain the FleetNurse software in comparison to an Uber-Like model. If a facility needs a shift filled in short notice because someone called out sick, for example, they can send a shift notification that will go out to all credentialed providers who fit the shift requirements. Once a shift is sent out, we guarantee that someone will pick it up. There is no set up fee or onboarding fee, it’s that easy. Our aim is to reduce levels of being understaffed that many healthcare facilities experience to provide better patient outcomes.

Can per Diem Healthcare Staff Be Quality? How?

FleetNurse offers healthcare professionals per diem shifts at nearby facilities. For a nurse to pick up a single shift at a facility they may have never worked at before, there is always the worry of providing quality. As many of the healthcare providers who have been credentialed by FleetNurse already know, FleetNurse has an extensive credentialing process to ensure this quality.

To further ensure that the nurses are prepared to go to a new facility, they are required to go through any facility specific orientation before they pick up a single shift. FleetNurse also tailors the credentialing process to the facilities, setting specific policies and requirements that the facility requires for any healthcare professional to complete. By doing this, facilities using FleetNurse contractors, can be at ease that the nurses taking their per diem shifts know their facility and it’s standards.

So in short, YES, per diem healthcare staff can be quality if they go through an extensive credentialing and onboarding process.

The FleetNurse Way:

  • Follow accredited standards – Strictly follow Joint Commission Standards
  • Take references seriously – We contact 2 references to evaluate performance
  • Background checks – Guaranteed to run a background check, only approving providers with no red flags
  • Skills assessments – Nurses complete a self assessment Skills Assessment and Clinical Competency testing to ensure that they are proficient in their field.
  • Incremental performance reviews – Hospitals are able to rate the providers performance

FleetNurse abides by the Joint Commission Standards, one of the strictest credentialing standards in the country. To be credentialed by these standards means to parallel the Joint Commission Standards vision statement: All people always experience the safest, highest quality, best-value health care across all settings. (

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