Crisis Response Healthcare Staffing – Offering Short Term Contracts with Nurses

The past several weeks have shook the healthcare system in ways we have never seen before. In recent years there has been a shortage of registered nurses and other healthcare professionals throughout the U.S., yet we are seeing many healthcare workers without work today.

While unfortunately some nurses are choosing to leave during this time due to the risk associated, many nurses are being let go due to a decrease of scheduled surgeries and a need to transform med surg floors into critical care units to help combat COVID-19.

Crisis Response Healthcare Staffing

There is still a high need for healthcare workers around the U.S. today, that has not changed. With many nurses finding themselves with no work or wanting to work more during this pandemic, temporary contract work is the solution.

FleetNurse is offering crisis response healthcare staffing to help connect healthcare workers with short-term contracts at local facilities. The original business model of FleetNurse was not like a typical staffing agency; instead offering only per diem on-demand healthcare staffing. But with recent events, FleetNurse has decided to offer short-term contracts with nurses and hospitals in addition to per diem work.

The Texas Medical Center, for example, is a hotspot for COVID-19 care. With a high need for specialized healthcare staff, hospitals have no choice but to outsource nurses on a temporary basis for the coming months. FleetNurse is proud to assist the Texas Medical Center during this time with their services.

FleetNurse has a network of thousands of healthcare workers, including many critical care nurses. Many nurses in this network have decided to offer care on the front line for the next 4+ weeks. This not only transplants nurses who may be out of work from other facilities downsizing staff for the next couple months, but it assists those who need it the most in COVID-19 units. It’s a win-win.

Please stay safe and healthy in these unprecedented times.

FleetNurse’s short-term healthcare staffing services can assist other facilities upon request. Learn more at:

COVID-19 Updates

FleetNurse is proud to continue offering emergency healthcare staffing services during this time. If your healthcare facility is in need of temporary staff, please call (541) 255-0018 today. If you are a provider you can also view our current employment opportunities.

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