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Provider Frequently Asked Questions

The credentialing process on average takes about a week. Most of it is done via mobile phone on the FleetNurse app. The quicker you upload your documents, the quicker the process can be completed.

Some facilities require in-person orientation. If they do require an orientation, these hours will be PAID.

Nope! There is no minimum hours to work. You simply accept or decline the shifts that you want. You can work one shift a month or one shift everyday.

On average, the hourly wages are 1.5 to 2 X higher than the average hourly rate of your position in your city. It’s dependent on how soon the requesting facility needs the shift filled. Meaning wages will be higher at a 2 hour notice vs 48 hours notice.

No. FleetNurse will cover those fees for you. We will only order these after you have uploaded all required documents and FleetNurse approves them.

You will be notified of open shifts in your area through a notification on your FleetNurse app once you’ve completed the credentialing process. All shifts are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. So if you see an open shift that you want to work, you will have to accept it before someone else in your area picks it up.

No. We do not provide gas milage or other traveling expenses because FleetNurse is not a travel staffing agency. All shifts are meant to be local to you, therefore not requiring you to travel very far distances.

All shifts are PRN, meaning you can work shifts that fit with your schedule. All shifts pay premium wages.

A W-9 form is the tax form used by all independent contractors. As a FleetNurse provider, you are considered an independent contractor. You will receive a 1099 tax form from FleetNurse by the end of January 31st from Quickbooks. This will be mailed to your physical address that you put on your W-9.