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FleetNurse is a web-application that allows healthcare facilities to request quality, fully-vetted, and local healthcare professionals on short-notice for per diem shifts and short-term placements.

A manager can log into their FleetNurse portal and submit a shift request for an approved healthcare professional within 48 to 1.5 hours before a shift! 

No more stressful last-minute phone calls, expensive travel nurses, or unsafe staffing levels. You now can tap into a pool of local per diem FleetNurse professionals who can view and accept shifts within minutes!





CRISIS RESPONSE: FleetNurse can offer services in times of need as a crisis response solution for short-term healthcare staffing. For more information on crisis response staffing, please email Corina at

FleetNurse is a non-traditional staffing agency that works with facilities that want to use minimal outside staff. We act as a reliable and affordable backup for staffing emergencies. Facilities can put in shift requests 48 to 1.5 hours before a shift starts. Other agencies typically require a minimum of a 24hr notice.

We also offer short-term placement staffing. If you need a healthcare professional for just 4-weeks, we can help!

FleetNurse also provides only quality staff. All approved healthcare professionals have been credentialed following the Joint Commission standards of healthcare staffing. They are also on-boarded to meet your facility’s specific requirements. FleetNurse will work closely with your facility to tailor the credentialing process to ensure your standards are being met.

FleetNurse has no hidden fees. The only costs to your facilities are for the hours of work our healthcare professionals provide. 

There is NO contract fee and NO admin fees. You simply pay as you go!

You only pay for hours a FleetNurse professional works! 

No admin fees, no additional costs.

The rates vary on what your cities average hourly wages are, the staff type you are requesting, and the shift request time. Meaning there will be different rates for a Registered Nurse in Texas who is needed in 2 hours VS a CNA in Oregon who is needed in 48 hours.

For a pricing quote for your facility, please email Corina at or request a meeting.

We credential all of the healthcare professionals following strict standards for Healthcare Staffing Services. We will also tailor the credentialing process to meet your facility’s requirements. 

If you require an orientation, we can ensure that our FleetNurse professionals complete your orientation before accepting shifts from your facility.

FleetNurse TAILORS to your facility! We want to ensure that the staff working your shifts meet YOUR standards, not just ours. We follow an extensive credentialing process to ensure the quality of all our approved providers. Our credentialing policies follow the Joint Commission Standards for Healthcare Staffing Services, which you can see here. Not only do the workers have to meet these standards, but they will also have to meet YOUR requirements. We will work with you to orient our approved providers to your policies and requirements and also arrange any applicable orientation/onboarding to your facility.

For most locations, you can request a healthcare professional up to 1.5 hours BEFORE the shift starts!

Nope! Your facility can access the FleetNurse portal through the web. There is no download requirements. As long as you have access to the internet, you can access FleetNurse.

FleetNurse offers a technology that enables your staff to check-in and out our FleetNurse professionals via a QR code! Once a nurse shows up for their shift, they can check-in by scanning their phone to a unique QR code provided on the FleetNurse portal. Tracking hours have never been easier or more secured!

Email our Director of Sales, Corina Pigg, at 

Or request a meeting online.

Looking forward to connecting! 

We can provide crisis response healthcare staffing. If your facility or company needs nurses or other healthcare professionals during this state of emergency, we can offer you our services.

Please email for more information.