The Network

As a FleetNurse provider, you will be part of a network of healthcare professionals* who are credentialed and ready to work when you want to work. As healthcare facilities request for a provider, you will get a notification via the FleetNurse app with the location, time of the shift, and the rate. If you decide that you want that shift, all you have to do is confirm the shift and it is yours.

*Healthcare professionals currently include: Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Vocational Nurses

Work when you want to work.

Your schedule is yours to decide. There are no minimum hours required. You accept the shifts you want, PERIOD.

Easy, Online Credentialing

Most of the credentialing is done via mobile app*. You can upload or take a pic of your required documents and acknowledge policies all on our FleetNurse app.

Watch How To Registration video here to ensure you fully complete your profile.

*Mandatory drug screening must be completed at assigned laboratory testing center.

Use our Nurse Resources page to help you complete your FleetNurse account, step by step.

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Quicker Pay Option

We know that sometimes you can’t wait to get paid. We’ve set up a process to where you can get paid within 12-hours after completing your shift. Just go to payment options and select “Quicker Pay” and your payment will be processed and deposited into your account within 12-hours.**

**Processing fee will be charged for this option. Rate varies by state.