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What is FleetNurse?

FleetNurse connects hospitals, surgery centers and assisted living facilities with PRN Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurses, Psych Sitters, Surgical Techs and Radiology Techs on short notice. FleetNurse is an on-demand healthcare staffing solution. When someone calls in sick 2 hours prior their shift, FleetNurse is the solution to finding that person to fill in. No more timely phone calls, no more negotiating with someone on how much to pay. All you need is a mobile device or computer to put in the request and wait for one of our providers to accept the shift.

FAQs for Healthcare Facilities

FAQs for Healthcare Professionals 


About Us

FleetNurse started because of a need. A need for qualified, credentialed healthcare providers at healthcare facilities. Healthcare facilities are short staffed, not because the communities do not have qualified, registered providers but because providers want empowerment. They do not want to have to work undesirable shifts or shifts that take away from their quality of life. However, with today’s healthcare and economic environment they have no choice. Well now there is a choice, nurses can work the hours and shifts they want without having to compromise their work-life harmony. FleetNurse credentials the nurses and provides facilities with access to these quality nurses. Nurses can work when they want to work. Whether they want to work 8 hours a week or 120 hours a month, it is their choice.

FleetNurse provides a service that is beneficial for both the nurse and the healthcare facility. An easy to use app that has an “uber-like” feel, that anyone can manage. Finding and accepting a shift can all be done within an easy-to-use mobile app. No more phone calls, no more negotiating hourly rates, no more agency fees. Everyone wins with FleetNurse.

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